Business Development Series

The ICF Business Development Series (BDS) is a virtual series designed specifically to help you build, sustain, and expand a successful coaching practice. 

2020 Business Development Series

Now in it’s fifth edition, the 2020 BDS the most extensive virtual event on business development in ICF history. Attend BDS to learn how to build your brand, tools, business and platform with recorded webinars and ondemand content released throughout 2020 to keep you motivated.

Build Your Brand

To have a successful coaching business, you first need to build your brand. Who are you as a coach? What niche can you serve? How are you unique in what you can offer?

Build Your Tools

Successful coaches need great tools to get their message out to their clients. Learn how to create your brand identity, and how to build a great website, and tell your story.

Build Your Business

To get clients, they must find value in what you do. How do you articulate the impact of coaching? How do you make the sale without ‘selling’? And every successful business needs a business plan, where do you start?

Build Your Platform

Successful coaches are more than coaches, they are thought leaders and are able to diversify beyond 1-to-1 coaching. How do you create a platform for yourself and how can you branch out with your business?

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Previous Business Development Series 

Available OnDemand

You can access the recordings of previous BDS offerings below. For more information on the specific modules within the series, click on the title below.

Business Development Series

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2018 Business Development Series

The 2018 Business Development Series is a virtual education offering designed specifically to help you define your practice, market your expertise, cultivate your audience and get to work!
Resource Development Business Development Series

Continuing Coach Education

These sessions will fall in the category of Resource Development for ICF Credential renewal purposes. CCE units for recorded sessions are considered self-study for the purpose of renewing an ICF Credential. You may count up to 16 hours of self-study toward Resource Development for the renewal of your ICF Credential. 

It is important to note that for ICF Credential renewal purposes, credit for a specific session can only be claimed once.  Watching the same session more than once does not warrant more CCE units.  For example, if you watch a live session, and then watch the recording of the session again, you are only able to claim credit for that session for the first completion.