ACMP and ICF Webinar Series

Social Justice Session

Expert practitioners in coaching and change management will share how they are addressing social justice issues in working with their clients or organizations.

Leadership From the Front Lines

Leaders from different industries will share what they learned about leadership while managing seismic external forces and changes related to health, safety, working from home, stress management, social justice, politics and the economy, and equality in their organizations.   

Re-Opening After Covid

Expert practitioners in change management and coaching will share how they are supporting organizations to pivot to virtual, re-open offices, or embrace a new hybrid approach and how they support employees and leaders to address physical and psychological safety and adapt to the new way(s) of working.

Coaching Change Leaders

Experts in both coaching and change management will share how they leverage both disciplines to support leaders who are driving transformational change, and the value of being certified in both disciplines. Furthermore, they will share lessons learned on how best to blend coaching and change management to support organizational transformation.

Continuing Education Credit

These sessions can count toward your self-study resource development credits for the ICF Credential renewal. If you intend to use any of these sessions for this purpose, please track the hours spent in each session and fill in the total hours under “Self-Study” when prompted in your renewal application. If you have any questions about your ICF Credential renewal, please contact