Life Vision and Enhancement Coaching Community of Practice - Trust the Process: What really happens when we shift from rescuing clients to releasing responsibility?

Most of us would deny we ever rescued a client. We faithfully recite the statement, “We believe our clients are resourceful and they have the answers inside of them.” However, when the stakes are high, we are tempted to step in and expand awareness for them. We think we are simply helping by sharing a story, providing a bit of information, or suggesting alternatives in hopes that our efforts wake people up to better outcomes or solutions. The reality is the opposite often happens. When we step in, we take away their opportunity to discern what is important, discover their path forward and develop self-efficacy and resiliency. This keeps them playing small in the world and limited to the information we imparted on them rather than them stumbling and learning from each experience. In addition, it greys the lines of coaching impacting our personal credibility as well as the validity of the entire field. We invite all those committed to assisting others in living out their preferred narratives. Join the Life Vision and Enhancement Coaching Community of Practice and presenter Jennie Antolak as she shares compelling stories and supporting data that reinforces the value of releasing responsibility and allowing clients to falter and still find their way to a greater story. 

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