COVID Resources for Coaches

ICF is committed to providing our Members, Credential-holders, and the wider coaching community with the support and resources you need to care for yourself and meet the needs of your clients during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve gathered virtual resources to assist you in supporting your coaching practice as well as supporting your clients. Click on the ‘Enroll Now’ buttons for more information on each of these virtual education resources.

We’ve also created a page for updates from organizations including the World Health Organization, wellness and hygiene information, ideas for your coaching practice, resources for supporting your clients, and more, visit that page here. 

Available OnDemand: Coaching in a COVID-19 World: What are the rules…now?

Sponsored by the ICF Communities of Practice, a 25th Anniversary gift to the coaching community.

As coaches, we want to bring the best of our training and follow the standards of our industry. Even during normal times, this takes focus, practice, and intention. But what does it take during a global pandemic? How do we both meet the client where they are and still excel as professional coaches?

Join Sara Smith, MCC, ICF Professional Coaches Global Board Chair, and Ann Betz, PCC, neuroscience expert and 2020 ICF Advance provocateur, in an exploration of the elements of coaching mastery in an uncertain time. (We are not going to break the rules of coaching, though we may bend them a little.)

This webinar was held twice to accommodate timezones. Below is the link to view the recordings, learning checkpoints to claim credit, and chat logs from both sessions. 

Available OnDemand: Staying the Course: What Coaches Can Do During the Age of COVID – 19 

The coronavirus global crisis has impacted all small businesses, and coaches are not immune to the vast changes that the pandemic has triggered. It’s having an impact on our businesses as well as our own and our client’s brains. And yet, there are things that coaches can be doing now and in the future, that will affect their overall well-being and business success. In this recording, ICF Advance Provocateur Ann Betz and ICF Business Development Series host William Arruda will share strategies to help you keep your coaching practice moving forward.

Additional Resources 

ICF has gathered additional resources that may assist you and your coaching! 

These additional resources are available to watch OnDemand.

ICF has also collected additional resources from past ICF Presenters. Be sure to check it out by clicking here. 


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