Business Development Series

ICF's popular Business Development Series (BDS) is virtual education designed specifically to help you build, sustain and expand a successful coaching practice.

2018 Business Development Series

ICF's latest Business Development Series is packed with content designed to help you build, sustain and expand a successful coaching business. Registration cost is $200 for members and $450 for non-members.

Over the course of the four modules you will get to:

  • Know—Define your brand.
  • Show—Demonstrate or express who you are and how you can help your clients.
  • Grow—Nurture your business and expand your reach.
  • Go—Take action and make it happen.

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Previous Business Development Series

You can access the recordings of previous BDS offerings below. For more information on the specific modules within the series, click on the title below.

OnDemand Business Development Series

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On Demand event
Member $200.00
Non-Member $450.00

2018 Business Development Series

The 2018 Business Development Series is a virtual education offering designed specifically to help you define your practice, market your expertise, cultivate your audience and get to work!
Marketing BDS 2018 Branding BDS Niche Business Development ROI of Coaching LinkedIn
On Demand event
Member $100.00
Non-Member $225.00

2016 Business Development Series

2016 BDS programming was developed with you in mind, with sessions covering the topics cited most frequently in 2015 BDS evaluations and the 2015 ICF Professional Development Survey. The 2016 BDS is also designed to promote deeper exploration of topics addressed during 2015 sessions.
Business Development
On Demand event
Member Free
Non-Member N/A

2014 Business Development Series

Recorded sessions from the 2014 Business Development Series.
Marketing Video SEO Networking Niche Business Development ROI
On Demand event
Member $50.00
Non-Member $112.50

2015 Business Development Series

The BDS consists of 12 recorded sessions around the themes of Building Your Business, Expanding Your Reach and Sustaining Your Success.
Marketing Branding Business Development LinkedIn ROI

Continuing Coach Education

These sessions will fall in the category of Resource Development for ICF Credential renewal purposes. CCE units for recorded sessions are considered self-study for the purpose of renewing an ICF Credential. You may count up to 16 hours of self-study toward Resource Development for the renewal of your ICF Credential. 

It is important to note that for ICF credential renewal purposes, credit for a specific session can only be claimed once.  Watching the same session more than once does not warrant more CCE units.  For example, if you watch a live session, and then watch the recording of the session again, you are only able to claim credit for that session for the first completion.