Health and Wellness Coaching Community of Practice - How Courageous Conversations and Honest Self Disclosure Can Enhance Your Health and Wellness Coaching

The Health and Wellness Community of Practice and their presenter, Pat Williams discuss how lifestyle factors, such as stress and holding onto emotional angst, are significant contributors to most disease or illness. Therefore, the ability and confidence to coach clients to be emotionally honest with themselves is a critical skill for health and wellness coaches. This presentation provided a valuable model for how to host courageous conversations with Health related clients and teach and model authentic and optimal living through courageous self-disclosure. Attendees learned how to increase honest self-disclosure in their coaching conversations with clients. Pat William dug into emotional agility aids in healthy living to the greatest degree possible and explain how your coaching presence and trust can enhance truthful shares from your clients and to take steps to encourage courageous vulnerability and authenticity in both your life and your clients’ lives. NOTE: A perfect companion to this Community of Practice talk is Pat William’s book, Getting Naked: On Emotional Transparency at the Right Time, the Right Place and with the Person. By attending the session live, you will have a unique opportunity to deepen your learning and pose questions to the author.

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