Government Coaching Community of Practice - An Exploration of the Political Dilemmas

Come and join the Government Community of Practice and David Clutterbuck as they discuss the challenges around coaching powerful figures who are not self-honest and are at the forefront in our current political climate. If the job of a statesman is to lie for his or her country, there would appear to be an inherent contradiction between the transparency of coaching and the obfuscation of politics. Yet government departments and public-sector bodies are often innovation leaders in applying coaching and mentoring. This webinar explores:

  • What is a political dilemma?
  • How do the mental models of politicians differ from others’?
  • Is politics (small p) in the top teams of corporations really that different from Politics (big P) in government and opposition?
  • The coach as power behind the throne — if all power corrupts, do coaches become corrupted by association?
  • What role can coaches play in helping politicians be self-honest and make ethical decisions?
  • Can politicians coach and mentor each other?
  • What lessons and pitfalls are there for coaches in the concept of expediency?
  • The ameliorating effective of a bloody-minded executive? (Long live Sir Humphrey!)
  • What are the challenges for supervisors, working with coaches whose clients work in a political environment?

This is not a presentation of research, nor an overview of good practice. Rather, it develops with participants an agenda for exploring this fascinating topic, so that coaches can make a deeper impact on politics.

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ICF Global - March 2018 1 Resource Development from January 01, 2018