Team and Work Group Coaching Community of Practice - Team Coaching Beyond the Obvious

Join the Team and Work Group Community of Practice and Leda Turai, MCC, and Dirk Versées, PCC, as they present the foundation of systemic constellations as it applies to team coaching, in the simplest possible way. Leda and Dirk will address the various ways in which the systemic concept has been applied to team coaching while emphasizing the similarities and differences with systemic constellations. Both are important in team coaching. The similarities will demonstrate proof of the essential characteristics of our work with teams, while the differences will depict the main features and aspects of the constellation approach. Leda and Dirk will also propose a theoretical framework for why and how constellations might work, as to their knowledge, a comprehensive scientific explanation does not yet exist. Nonetheless, their examples will bring to life the main laws and principles. Although the professional application of systemic constellations requires years of practice, during this webinar you will learn simple ideas that as a team coach you can use to surface hidden dynamics and to work with the systemic approach.

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ICF Global - December 2017 1 Resource Development from January 01, 2017