Coaching Science Community of Practice - Culture Matters: The Cultural Intelligence X-Factor

Globalization has changed the landscape of business, education and every aspect of our lives today. The growth of cultural diversity within our businesses and communities is visible, and the challenges of navigating the diversity and difference has become increasingly complex. The challenges of interacting effectively in culturally diverse settings requires intercultural competency. Today, more than ever, there is a compelling case for the development of intercultural competency or cultural intelligence in our leaders and our organizations. In this Coaching Science Community of Practice, Shireen Chua reports on research undertaken surrounding how New Zealand companies are developing cultural intelligence within their organizations. She alsos introduce the Cultural Intelligence Tool, an academically validated tool to measure Cultural Intelligence (CQ).

Credit Information

Activity Number Credit Amount Accreditation Period
ICF Global - August 2017 1 Resource Development from January 01, 2017