Team and Work Group Coaching Community of Practice - Teams Unleashed: A Complete Field Guide to Team Coaching

One of the most challenging aspects of team coaching—for teams as well as team coaches—is knowing where to focus. When coaching teams, clear answers to basic coaching questions you will be familiar with are needed: “What’s working? What’s not working? What can we do about it? How will we measure success, or know when we get there?”

The approach to team coaching presented in this session has been used by thousands of teams worldwide, gives the team and coach a place on the map to start, a pathway forward and the tools to get results along the way. Join the Team and Work Group Coaching Community of Practice as featured speaker Phil Sandahl, MCC and Co-founder of Team Coaching International shares a practical team coaching methodology you can use in your coaching practice that will consistently engage teams and deliver results. Learning objectives for this session include:

• Discover a team effectiveness model that reflects real world team experience. Teams say, “You speak our language”
• Learn how to apply that model to establish a baseline starting point and development path ahead for the team—getting into action
• Learn about ongoing team coaching structures that improve team dynamics—and provide real-time business results for teams
• Learn 5 essential team coaching competencies that are at the core of effective team coaching

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