Team and Work Group Coaching Community of Practice - Teams: The Linking Pin Between Organizations and People

In this Team and Work Group Coaching Community of Practice presentation, explore the linking pin between organizations and people...teams.

Organizational coach, Philippe Bailleur, PCC, shares how to transform companies in this VUCA-world through organizational design and team coaching. He discusses the key building blocks for team coaching and how to intervene in teams based on these building blocks. Furthermore, he evaluates the changing dynamics and needs of teams in a VUCA-world. Lastly, he concludes with a few examples of team interventions, supplies a tool used by teams and/or team coaches to map team effectiveness, and sets up the next steps for success.

Participants of this presentation can expect to:

  • Progress their effectiveness in the design of coaching interventions with teams
  • Learn how to use teams as a lever for organizational coaching and transformation
  • Develop an adapted lens to look at teams in a VUCA-world
  • Become more aware of what makes teams effective in a VUCA-world

Credit Information

Activity Number Credit Amount Accreditation Period
ICF Global - Feb. 2017 1 Resource Development from December 01, 2016