Coaching Science Community of Practice - Taking A Coach Approach to the Formation and Implementation of Mastermind Groups

In an attempt to provide an ongoing professional development opportunity to a diverse group of coach-members, the ICF-Greater Austin chapter piloted, demo’d and then implemented a mastermind framework over 10 months in 2016. Recently added was new instruction on the importance of team mindset in an effort to better orient new members to this mastermind format. As such, the effectiveness of this model stems from its efficiency; as several participants have at least one, if not several actionable steps directly related to their mastermind topic at the conclusion of each meeting.

Join the Coaching Science Community of Practice as members of the ICF-Greater Austin chapter discuss implementation and development of mastermind groups. The facilitators explore in depth the three identifiable roles that were found essential to the success of this particular mastermind model; the roles were that of the facilitator, the participant, and the observer.  It is believed that this mastermind framework may be successfully implemented as a professional development tool for other groups of professional coaches, based on the initial participant outcomes.

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ICF Global - Feb. 2017 1 Resource Development from January 01, 2017