Coaching and Human Capital Community of Practice - The Gender Advantage: Why Women Make More Effective Leaders

Understanding the current status of female professional leadership requires some knowledge of the theoretical underpinning of women's growth and development, However, it is not until recently that women's development and capacity to lead has been formally studied. Within the past few years, women's leadership roles and a comprehension of the advantages of female-type leadership have begun to grow rapidly. 

In this Coaching and Human Capital Community of Practice webinar, presenter Dr. Leni Wildflower, PCC outlines several research-based theories which shed light on the progressive nature and effectiveness of women's leadership styles, thinkings, and behaviors. Furthermore, this evidence helps us better understand why there is a 'female advantage" in leadership and even more, what women can do to more assertively take the lead in their professional lives. Also discussed in this session are ways in which coaches can help women use female-based skillful leadership practices. 

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