Internal Coaching Community of Practice - Developing Coaching Skills for Leaders (Community Discussion)

One of the three attributes of a coaching culture identified by ICF and HCI research is the practice of leaders utilizing coaching skills. Effectiveness as a 21st Century leader requires an ability to shift from a traditional management model to one where the leader is able to coach employees to solve problems for themselves.

Observe a facilitate discussion on the topic as we explore some of the best strategies for developing coaching skills in our leaders. Some of the questions we will discuss are: 

  • What basic ideas do you need to keep in mind when training managers in coaching skills?
  • What are the basic skills that one should teach a manager FIRST about coaching skills?
  • What are ‘mid-level or advanced’ manager coaching skills?
  • How do you lock in the learning?
  • How do you know when a manager is ‘ready’ to be coaching on their own?
  • How do you do/set-up check-ins around coaching skills with/for managers?

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