Career Coaching Community of Practice - Next Steps with a Career Vision at Mid-Life Crisis, Part 3 of 4

In the previous Career Coaching Community of Practice session Philippe R Declercq PCC creator of Career Vision at Mid-Life Crisis continued to expand on his global visioning process for helping individuals develop a new career direction. Using the metaphor of Legos, Philippe reviews 4 steps of creating a vision for the future in 4 defined areas: intimacy, meeting others, work tools, and open to the world. The individual creates their own “village” using Legos. Woven through the model are some NLP tools, EI tools, integral coaching and sustainability processes. Once the vision is created more traditional coaching methods are incorporated.

In this installment, we expand even more as we move from the inventory to the building of a vision for the future. In the inventory process, we make the difference between personal needs and wishes, conditions of a good relationship, the capacities and compétence and the place where we like to be. We will be sorting all the data gathered in the inventory phase and we will create a picture of the treasury and we can decide how to go from “present” to “future”.

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