Career Coaching Community of Practice - Developing a Career Vision at Mid-Life Crisis (Part 1 of 4)

Joining the Career Coaching Community of Practice is presenter Philippe R. Declercq, PCC, sharing how to help develop a career vision for clients who are experiencing a mid-life crisis.

In order to help these individuals develop a new career direction, Philippe R. Declercq devised a visioning process through a metaphoric experience with Legos– individuals create their own “village” using the interlocking brick toys. This helps clients create a vision for their future based on four defined areas: intimacy, meeting others, work tools, and being open to the world. Woven into this model are research-based concepts including NLP notions, emotional Intelligence, integral coaching, and sustainability processes. Declercq will walk through the four steps of establishing the client’s vision for the future, and then, touch on how to incorporate traditional coaching methods once the vision has been obtained.

There are four webinars that pair with this webinar. To enroll in the other three webinars. Click the links below. 

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