Coaching Science Community of Practice - Competencies of Outstanding Executive Coaches

Because of the lack of evidence-based models for executive coaching competencies, Dr. Kent Blumberg, PCC completed his doctoral research to establish a competency model that explains outstanding executive coach performance. In this Coaching Science Community of Practice webinar, Dr. Blumberg shares his findings which include eight competencies and 63 specific behaviors which emerged from the research as key attributes and behaviors of executive coaches who were rated as 'best' by buyers of coaching services. First, he briefly discusses the process behind the research, including the methodologies and participant demographics, and then, he dives into the outcomes and implications, Furthermore Blumberg highlights how study participants brought each competency to life and how these competencies relate to, and extend, the ICF Core Competencies. 

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ICF Global - Jul. 2016 1 Resource Development from January 01, 2017