Coaching Science Community of Practice - Executive Coaching: An "Outside-In" Approach to Research

In 2006, Gavin Dagley and the Australian Human Resources Institute commenced a series of studies that were among the first to take an "outside-in" approach to executive coaching research. At that time, the majority of coaching research seemed focused on expressing expert opinion, providing evidence that coachings "works", or validating a particular coaching approach or theory. What was missing from the literature was research that provided hypotheses about the overarching concepts of executive coaching. Such exploratory research can be described as using an "outside-in" approach—research that starts by mapping the "whole" of the practice as viewed from the outside, before focusing into the identified components and linkages. In this Coaching Science Community of Practice webinar, Dr. Dagley provides an overview of both the research approach and the core findings from his executive coaching studies undertaken between 2006 and 2011. 

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