Executive and Leadership Coaching Community of Practice - Thriving Leaders: Accelerator to a Thriving World

We're in the middle of a global well-being revolution. No one individual or organization has the right answer for how it will unfold, yet more leaders than ever want to play an instrumental role. They long to build enlightened companies that are tuned into transforming society and uplifting humankind, however, this is no small undertaking. It means leading as an active invitation toward the well-being of individuals, relationships, organizations, communities, and the world.

What qualities and skills do leaders need for this journey? How can we as coaching professionals best support them? In this Executive and Leadership Coaching Community of Practice webinar, presenter Dr. Renee Moorefield, MCC discusses the answers to these questions and more. Participants of this presentation will learn about:

  • The trends fueling a growing list of leaders to view well-being as core to sustainable success
  • Values and skills required by leaders who want to be global accelerators of this well-being journey
  • Actions coaches can take to be of greatest service for helping these leaders thrive

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