Team and Work Group Coaching Community of Practice - Creating Space for Coaching in Today's Driven Companies

Fostering an environment where coaching expertise is viewed as a strategic asset to the business is the goal of most coaching leaders, yet challenges such as keeping client attention, leadership requests for transparency, and fuzziness of how the process is managed often threaten to erode the value coaching provides. In this Team and Work Group Coaching Community of Practice webinar with presenter Daphen Woolfolk, learn how to make space for coaching in today's driven companies. Woolfolk draws on the principles taught in Peter Block's signature Flawless Consulting workshops and offers insights and examples of what leaders can do to create a culture that understands the values of coaching and how to partner effectively with the business to ensure the value is realized. Participants of this presentation will also learn:

  • What it means to be a true business partner
  • How to position the coaching intervention
  • Why contracting is at the core of transformation
  • How to gain better use of your expertise

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ICF Global - Mar. 2016 1 Resource Development from January 01, 2017