Team and Work Group Coaching Community of Practice - Agile Coaching: Why You Should Care

Agile Methodology has exploded in business in the last few years. It's a project management methodology that involves an iterative approach to getting things done and has been widely adopted in the U.S. and around the world. This methodology is based on small, high-performing teams that include a team coach called a Scrum Master. Agile Coaches are Scrum Masters who have been successful in coaching teams to high performance, as well as, often mentor other Scrum Masters. 

Join the Team and Work Group Coaching Community of Practice in this February 2016 webinar with presenter Kathy Harman, MCC to learn more about this Agile Movement and becoming a "Scrum Master." This session is a great opportunity to get involved, improve the movement, and positively impact the bottom line of teams and businesses. Participants of this presentation will:

  • Obtain a high-level understanding of the Agile structure
  • Know why Agile has become so popular
  • Understand how a professional coach can use the competencies to get stellar results with Agile organizations
  • Acquire concrete next steps to get started in the field

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